Monday, 4 July 2016

Travel & Lifestyle Talk - Davao with Cebu Pacific Air Part 2

Back with part 2 of my Davao trip which I’ll be covering Day 3 and you may check out Day 2 over at Jason’s blog (!

Day 3

Well.. if you have been following me in my IG and Dayre, you would have noticed that I injured my foot on Day 2 so J stayed back on the third day to accompany me since I couldn’t join the rest of the group in Crocodile Park and Wild Water Adventure. That didn’t dampen our moods at all!

We headed down for breakfast early that morning and had a long chat with the Regional Director of the Philippine Department of Tourism (everyone calls him ‘RD’) as well as the Hotel Manager of Seda Abreeza Hotel. RD then offered to bring us out for lunch! So we headed down to the gym for a quick workout before meeting RD at the lobby.

The gym is small but equipped enough for us since we are so used to working out when we travel. 

Lunch at Balik Bukid

RD brought us to this restaurant called Balik Bukid, which means back to the farm. Everything that they serve are all organic, either from the farm or right outside the restaurant where they grow some simpler herbs and spices.

The other sides of the walls adjacent to the main entrance were filled with empty bottles and cement. According to RD, these are way sturdier that concrete walls and its also really pretty to allow natural sunlight into the restaurant during the day. J and I love this!

The whole restaurant is filled with bamboo, especially the roof and it cools the temperature of the restaurant down that its scorching hot on the street yet it feels like there is air-conditioning when we stepped into the restaurant.

These are some of my favourite dishes that we ordered. Everything is homemade and very yummy! We had homemade bread, home grown fresh vegetables that are sent to the restaurant every single morning, homemade and naturally coloured blue rice and homemade vanilla icecream! Yummms!

All thanks to this lovely couple who painstakingly started this restaurant, and RD, whom very kindly took time off to bring us here for lunch! :D

After lunch, RD brought us to the biggest church, San Pedro Cathedral in Davao. We said a little prayer at the side as there was a wedding matrimony going on there and left the church after purchasing a little souvenir just outside the church.

We headed back to the mall to grab some local snacks before heading to the hotel to rest and get ready for dinner.

Dinner at The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

We met up with the rest after their return from the water sports and headed for dinner with the PDOT team and the food there was superb and not too pricey to start with!

These are Uni shooters and TBH, it was my first try at uni and though I cant really appreciate the taste, the concept is really cute!

These are some of my favourites! Fish and chips, (I cant remember the name of the roll), duck confit and J’s very very huge portion of pork katsu. We ate and laughed too much that night! :P

The last item on the itinerary was the most relaxing of all.. we headed for a massage at Pressure points spa. I don’t even need to elaborate, we all slept well that night I’m sure! :D

Day 4

We started Day 4 slightly later and headed straight to the Aldevinco Shopping center to shop for local souvenirs and some of which we had given away! Check out @nuffnangsg at Dayre to check out what we gave away!☺

I truly enjoyed myself this trip albeit that injury I had on my foot and I’m so thankful for the PDOT team and everyone involved in this trip to make this trip so memorable! Thank you Nuffnang, Cebu Pacific Air, PDOT, the fellow influencers and bloggers for making this possible and I’m looking forward to the next trip! :D

Cebu Pacific Air flies from Singapore to Davao City at an affordable rate and air fares start as low as SGD182. Go ahead and make your booking here or call +65 315-80808!!

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Health Talk - All about sports injuries and common orthopedic issues

As a fitness enthusiast, I feel strongly about topics relating to health, body and fitness in general, so when Chris proposed me for this Orthopedic talk by OrthoSports Clinic, I accepted it immediately. I’ve had many friends and clients who have had orthopedic surgery and so many horror stories about the various injuries because of ligament and tendon tears. Coincidentally, I was recovering from my tendon repair surgery and so I attended the talk with some burning questions in mind hoping to get some answers.

OrthoSports Clinic

OrthoSports Clinic is situated at Mount Elizabeth Novena and offers specialized services for patients with sports and non-sports related orthopedic issues. A recognized clinic in Singapore, the orthopedic specialists and surgeons work with individuals who suffer from knee and shoulder problems as well as sports injuries. They work very closely with a team of physiotherapists too, to assure the best possible rehabilitation regimes. In cases where surgeries are needed, they perform them via arthroscopic (keyhole) or the minimal invasive surgery.

OrthoSports Talk

The talk was given by the 3 surgeons from the clinic and they covered 3 main topics, sports injuries, osteoporosis, and foot issues (heel spurs, bunions and flat feet).

Sports Injuries

Dr Ang Kian Chuan covered sports injuries and highlighted some of the common injuries suffered during accidents while doing a particular sports or extreme sports. I’ve had clients who have had surgery done prior to training with me and so I know the importance of muscles strengthening work around the injured area to aid in recovery post surgery. What a lot of people don’t know is exactly this. Strengthening the muscles around the injured areas is very crucial to prevent subsequent problems on the same injured area. Of course, you need to only be able to do muscle-strengthening exercises once you regain your range of motion and always check with your doctors and physiotherapists.


Dr David Paul Bell covered the topic of Osteoporosis, which I was pretty concerned about. Generally, women begin an expedited process of bone degeneration from the age of 50 onwards. However in recent years, we also noticed men facing bone issues as early as women do. Calcium is a mineral that is best consumed and absorbed during the building years. Vitamin D also contributes to the health and strength of our bones.

So I asked Dr David Bell if its too late to be stocking my body with Calcium and Vitamin D now that I’m moving into my 30s. He mentioned that though it may be too late to push that age of bone degeneration to a later age, it can definitely postpone the effects of it. So if you are below the age of 29 and are reading this, please have balanced diet especially with more calcium and Vitamin D! :P 

Heel spurs, Flatfeet & Bunions

Dr Tan Ken Jin covered another pressing issue in Singapore and showed us some examples of how these conditions look like. These issues do not only occur with the old, Dr Tan shared some of his younger patients who are as young as 12 years old and they can be treated with minimal scars! Feel free to contact the clinic if you happen to know of somebody who is suffering from these problems. 

Heel Spurs

A heel spur is a pointed bony outgrowth of the bone of the heel (the calcaneus bone). They are attributed to chronic local inflammation at the insertion of soft-tissue tendons or fascia in the area. Heel spurs can be located at the back of the heel or under the heel, beneath the sole of the foot. Heel spurs at the back of the heel are frequently associated with inflammation of the Achilles tendon (tendinitis) and cause tenderness and pain at the back of the heel made worse while pushing off the ball of the foot.

I was pretty interested in this because I’ve heard of heel spurs related to plantar fasciitis, which has occurred to me before and reoccurred since I started wearing the air boot during the recovery of my injury. Proper massaging of the fascia, stretching of the calf muscles and icing my Achilles tendon (since I’ve been suspected of tendonitis on the right Achilles tendon) when I feel the ache have elevated the discomfort tremendously.


If you think you have flatfeet or flatfoot, it is when the arches on the inside of your foot is flattened, allowing the entire sole of your foot to touch the floor when you stand up. A common and usually painless condition, flatfeet can occur when the arches don't develop during childhood. In other cases, flatfeet develop after an injury or from the simple wear-and-tear stresses of age.

Flatfeet can sometimes contribute to problems in your ankles and knees because the condition can alter the alignment of your legs. The weight shift causes excessive pronation of your foot and often leads to more serious problems as the person ages with weight gain.

Photo credit: (Dr Neal Blitz)
Bunions are bony bumps that develop at the joint of the big toe. They may be painless or aching, slightly unsightly or increasingly deforming. Bunions widen feet and narrow shoe choices, dooming people to a lifetime of sensible flats with roomy toe boxes. For some people, bunions are no bother, but for others, bunions hamper mobility, reduce activity and affect their quality of life.

We ended the session with food and refreshments kindly catered by the clinic and I’m glad to be able to learn so much from it!

from left to right: Dr David Bell, Dr Ang and Dr Tan
I hope I covered a good summary of some of the orthopedic issues that what you think you or your friends and family are facing. Feel free to find out more on OrthoSports’ fb page ( or their website (

OrthoSports Novena
38 Irrawaddy Road
Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre
Singapore 329563 
Tel: 6734 8168

OrthoSports Connexion
1 Farrer Park Station Road
#15-17 Connexion 
Singapore 217562 
Tel: 6435 0015

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Lifestyle Talk – OSIM uLove Private Event

Was privileged to be invited to the private launch of the brand new OSIM uLove 白马王子. The event was held at the OSIM Headquarters , 65 Ubi Ave 1, S(408939) on the 8th June 2016. I invited J to come with me so we rushed home to change out before heading for the event. We were welcomed by ushers who showed us in to the building and the place was very prettily decorated with flower petals. Canapés were being served while waiting for the presentation and reveal of the new uLove chair, guests could order cocktails and a mocktail, and there was a pretty dessert table and a live harp performance.

We were told that there will be an experience zone where we will get to try the new uLove chair for half hour and that was going to be my first try on a massage chair so I was really looking forward to that, especially after my workout. We hung around, took some photos before the reveal began.

The presentation started shortly and introduced Fan Bingbing as the international ambassador, and briefly went through the functions of the new OSIM uLove 白马王子.

We headed in to the experience zone after the presentation. The room was dark so we could totally relax and enjoy the functions of the new chair. All I remembered was it felt like somebody massaging me especially on the shoulders when the rollers moved according to the contours of the shape of my shoulders, then I fell into a quick nap before I woke up towards the end of the session. It was sooo good the massage mimics that of a real masseur except you are in the comfort of your own home or office! :P

Major functions of the OSIM uLove白马王子

What I specially love about the new chair is the shoulder massage and the long-track massage!

This is the part where it mimics the hands of a masseur with the V-Hand with 720° Roller balls. Having overactive traps have caused me to ache very much around the neck down to the shoulders so this was definitely the favourite part of the massage chair because the V-Hand massage emulates the agile hand-grip of a professional masseur.

The long-track massage is another unique function of the OSIM new massage chair as it reaches as much of the posterior of your body from the head to the bum and slight hamstrings area. It’d be perfect for me right after legs day! :P

We headed over to the lifestyle zone and checked out the other colours of the chair.

Gorgeous Teal
Dashing Copper
Handsome Brown
Charming Red
MY FAV - Dreamy White

Me being be, a sucker for uniformity, I fell in love with the dreamy white as soon as the curtains revealed it during the presentation! :D

Just in case you’re interested to know the specifications,

Power consumption – 210W
Auto timer – 15 minutes
Reclining angle – 123 to 155 degrees
Dimensions – 125 (L) x 72 (W) x 116 (H) cm when upright;
                       170 (L) x 72 (W) x 89 (H) cm when reclined
Net weight – Approximately 82 kg

I wished I took more shots with the dreamy white but here’s the dashing copper! :P I really wouldn’t mind getting one for myself so I don’t have to keep traveling to get my massages done regularly. :P

For a limited time only, the OSIM uLove retails at Special Price of $5,199 (UP $5,999) & will be exclusively available at the following:
- OSIM uLove Preview Shops at Tampines Mall #B1-05
- Causeway Point #B1-37
- Nex #03-05
- Jurong Point (B1-34A/35/36)
- Takashimaya B1 OSIM Counter
- Ang Mo Kio Hub #B2-05/06
- Plaza Singapura #03-09
- Courts Tampines
- VivoCity #01-50/51
- Waterway Point #B2-23
- Junction 8 #03-10
- Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-12
- IMM #02-40 | Jem #B1-46
- Parkway Parade #B1-63 & #03-24/24A
- White Sands #02-07
- Bedok Mall #B2-57
- Raffles City #03-21
- Best Denki VivoCity L2
- Best Denki Ngee Ann City L5
- Metro Causeway Point L3
- Changi Airport T2 Departure #026-115
- Online at

Find out more about the OSIM uLove at and OSIM facebook page (!

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