Thursday, 20 October 2016

Beauty Talk – Shampoo on the go

Was super stoked when I received these babies because dry shampoo is a must-have in my bag ever since I started using the Sheer+Invisible range from COLAB™. I start my day really early sometimes and having to spend at least 1 hour blow-drying and styling my hair is such a hassle. Thank goodness for dry shampoos, they save me on days when I don’t have time to wash my hair (oops!).

COLAB™ Sheer+Invisible range

The Sheer+Invisible range from COLAB™ provides a runway-ready formula that absorbs oil and refreshes roots with a residue-free, lightweight finish. I have personally tried other dry shampoos before, and some of them leave a white powdery finish on my hair, which makes my hair look like its gone through a powder bath, but COLAB™ doesn’t. This range comes in 4 signature fashion fragrances and the NEW YORK one is my favourite!

Other than busy, early mornings (which I try to avoid not washing my hair), the best time to use the dry shampoo is post-workout. Especially when my days are long and I don’t have the luxury of time to wash and blow-dry my hair in the gym toilets, I’d say, dry shampoos come in super handy! It’s easy to use and light enough for me to put in my daily gym bag. I make sure I have one can with me all the time.


Shake the can well; hold the can about 20cm away from hair and spray on the roots. Massage through if you like, and style your hair as usual. My hair is always up in a ponytail or bun most days of the week and throughout the day so its really easy!

Find out more about the Sheer+Invisible range from COLAB™ on their website here! The COLAB™ dry shampoo range can be found in Watsons and on their online store here! They come in two sizes and prices ranges from $6.50 - $14.90.

Go get yours and we can all have clean, fresh and odour-free hair all day long! :D

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Lifestyle Talk - My dream weekend car

Jason and I have been fortunate enough to own a car since 2010 but functionality has always been right at the top of the list. Jason owns a sports and fitness company, Team Axis Pte Ltd, so a good boot space always come into good use to transport equipment.

When Volkswagen contacted me for a weekend drive, I was really hoping to get a ride where I have never tried before, something out of our list of cars to own. And here’s the car we got for the weekend, the amazing Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet!!

The Specs 

The Look

With the large amount of car models in Singapore, not many models can leave a deep impression. But that is totally untrue with the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet. Since its debut in 1985, the Golf Cabriolet has proven to be a successful and trendy model.

1985 Volkswagen Cabriolet
31 years on, the Golf Cabriolet remains current and just as appealing with a touch of advanced technology. At the front of the car, onlookers will be drawn to the distinctive LED headlights. I love the design flow of the LED headlights and the front grilles, giving it a very simple but sporty feel. 

From the side, the big alloy sports rims exclaims that there is only one way to drive this car….FAST!!!

And once the top comes down, the level of fun is really up to your imagination!

The Cabin

Jason has changed 3 cars over the period of 6 years and the cabin has always been black. But not for the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet. This car is decked with sporty red leather seats, creating a really vibrant cabin experience.

Apart from the nice and clean cabin design, it is very spacious as well. This car has no problem fetching passengers at the back.

The Ride

Jason is currently driving the 2016 BMW X1 and so the ride experience has been relatively high. The cabin is also very spacious due to the high head room. But nothing beats a car that has its top down! The feeling is out of this world, okay at least out of Singapore! Those roads that we drive up and down on a daily basis now becomes a breath of fresh air. I was able to hear, feel and smell the surroundings and this feeling is extraordinary.

According to Jason, the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet is a really easy car to drive and I could feel it. Within minutes, Jason started to drive the car faster and tackling corners with joy. I could also see a constant smile on his face, the usual expression when he’s having a lot of fun! :) Almost like a boy in a candy store. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

As for me, I really like the design of the car seat. It keeps me snuggly in place through the fast corners and really makes me feel safe. I also love to hear how the 1.4 DSG Turbo engine sounds at higher RPM. The punchy engine gives the ride lots of character and we simply love it.

Thank you Volkswagen! 

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Lifestyle Talk – EBC Storage

My family moved out from Simei to my bro’s place in 2011 and I realized I had a major issue with our moving because we had too many things. :P This year is going to be a big move for J and I because we have items from his parents’ place, my bro’s place as well as many new furniture and appliances. We both knew we needed some form of storage, especially for the new items.

Our partnership with EBC Storage started last year but because our home key collection date was delayed so we could procrastinate a little before things get really busy this year. We started purchasing our appliances as soon as we collected our keys and with the existing belongings at my bro’s place right now, the storage space at EBC really came in handy, before we start hoarding my room and the storeroom at my bro’s place.

EBC Self Storage

EBC Self Storage is located at EBC Lifestyle Hub (which I will be elaborating later) and the building originally offered warehouse solutions since the 1980s and now has evolved to offer a range of storage and office solutions. The growing needs of self-serviced storage resulted in the establishment of EBC Storage. It offers standard, air-conditioned, wine storage and unique items storage. EBC Storage is the place to go for self serviced storage (especially for e-commerce businesses such as fashion blog shops and young entrepreneurs that are working from home).

Well this works really well for J because of the ample storage space that is air-conditioned. They also offer services such as transport and pick and pack.

EBC also provided us with sturdy boxes that we could pre-pack our items from individual homes in, really saves the trouble of having to look for empty boxes.

Moved some of the bigger boxes to EBC the other day. The smaller boxes are still waiting to be filled to the brim before we move.

The storage space is really spacious! This is a space of about 35sqft.We also moved some of the kitchen appliances into the storage and had fun at the walkway while waiting for the super friendly lady at the EBC reception counter to loan us a lock (which we forgotten to prepare: P). Thankful that it’s air-conditioned!

EBC Lifestyle Hub

EBC also extends office facilities for entrepreneurs and budding start-ups. E-commerce businesses will find it perfect to kick start their business by leasing a say, one pax office space instead of standard warehousing lease. Lease can start as short as 6 months and office comes equipped with workstations. Utilities are also included in the rental! Rental starts from $399!* (You can find out more by enquiring with them!). It acts as a one-stop solution for businesses when everything is house in one.

EBC Sky Garden & Club House

EBC Sky Garden & Club House, located on the 5th floor of the building, is perfect for formal and informal events. One may book the space for birthday parties, baby showers, product launches or company dinner. The restaurant is located at the same place. This means food is served hot & quick when you hold events here. Venue space + catering starts from as low as $6-$8 per pax. Terms and conditions apply.

We got a drink, settled some work, and spent some quality time before we left the lifestyle hub.

As an EBC Hubber (when you become a tenant at EBC), you will also get access to various privileges and one of the many privileges are the fitness classes that EBC organizes at the Sky Garden for tenants. No excuse for you to skip a workout! :P

Shuttle bus services to AMK MRT Station are now available in the mornings and evenings. For more information, feel free to check out their website here!

EBC Lifestyle Hub Pte Ltd
50 Tagore Lane, Entrepreneur Centre #05-04
Singapore (787494)
Tel: 6511 2929

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